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Published:August 8th, 2008 14:36 EST
DUDE, What Is The Meaning Of This?

DUDE, What Is The Meaning Of This?

By Sean Stubblefield

I`ve heard it said that F*CK is the most versatile word, usually said as an attempt at comedy. Yeah, I put the typical, mainstream politically correct and sanitizing * in there-- as if now the kiddies can`t figure out what the word is. You really think a 10 year old won`t realize what the "hidden" letter is? Maybe it`s FACK? Who do you grownups think you`re fooling? We all know what word these letters form, so I don`t need to spell it out here. I mean, just in case there are younguns reading.

But I digress. DUDE is actually the word which is most versatile. Dude is a wild card, becoming whatever you want it to mean. By merely tweaking variations of inflection-- in accordance with situational context, DUDE can be articulated to represent the entire inventory of expression. Just modulating the way you say DUDE, you can convey every emotional response possible in the human lexicon. Think of any emotion or attitude you can express, and then infuse the tone of voice for that emotion into the word DUDE.

"Dude" can also be used as a variety of nouns, refering to a guy in general, genderlessly as one`s friend, and a form of adressing another synonomous with "mister" or substituting for "hey, you". Somtimes it may function as both noun and expressor, simultaneously.