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Published:August 9th, 2008 22:33 EST
Televangelist Victoria Osteen Acts Like A Primadonna

Televangelist Victoria Osteen Acts Like A Primadonna

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Victoria Osteen, co-pastor of one of the nation`s largest megachurches, denied in testimony Friday that she had assaulted a Continental Airlines flight attendant who is suing her for 10 percent of her net worth.

The plaintiff, Sharon Brown, whose account is backed by other flight attendants, maintains that Ms. Osteen shoved her against a restroom door, in the process elbowing her in the breast, during boarding of a December 2005 flight to Vail, Colo., from Houston. The altercation developed, Ms. Brown says, because Ms. Osteen felt that a spot of liquid had not been cleaned from her first-class seat`s armrest fast enough."

Quotation from The New York Times/Kate Murphy

The facts of the matter are clear: Victoria Osteen upset because her first-class seat`s armrest wasn`t cleaned fast enough, reacted by touching and or shoving the flight attendant.

Victoria Osteen, as a minister of Jesus Christ, should not have been in the first-class compartment. The Jesus Christ of the Gospels walked, and occasionally rode on a mule. What Would Jesus Do? He wouldn`t waste his supporters` money by paying for a first-class airline ticket.

Jesus would not have expected the flight attendants to be as his beck and call. Jesus didn`t put on any airs, in an act of humility he washed the feet of his disciples. I couldn`t imagine Victoria Osteen doing that, she might get a few drops of water on her designer attire.

Victoria and her snake oil salesman husband preach a message of prosperity and self-help; I have heard her husband use the expression, "Don`t sweat the small stuff." Victoria should have followed the advice of her husband, and not got her expensive designer thongs in a twist over a dirty armrest.

As stated previously, the facts of the matter are clear: Victoria Osteen is guilty as charged. The only question left to be resolved is how much money should the court award the flight attendant?

The Osteen`s live a lavish lifestyle and they are worth untold millions. They did come by this extravagant wealth honestly, they bilk their ignorant followers.

Therefore I am of the opinion that the flight attendant should receive 10 percent of their ill-gotten wealth.