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Published:August 10th, 2008 00:21 EST
What Does Not Kill Me...

What Does Not Kill Me...

By Sean Stubblefield

Why was Brenda Bouschet arrested for letting her grand daughter ride on the top of a car at the speed of a turtle?

I really don`t see what the big deal is. It is past time we ask: How much of a right do others have to butt into the affairs of someone else, and in what sense? In the case of this allegedly errant grandma, have we not entered the realm of the police overstepping their authority? Did they not over-react? I mean, was the kid genuinely in danger? If it is true that the grandma could walk faster than the car was moving, then where was the harm? Even if Brenda were not holding on to the girl, a fall from the height of the car roof would probably not have been significantly damaging to the 4-year old.

"The world" also made a fuss when The Croc Hunter let his daughter accompany him in the vacinity of a crocodile. He was the freakin Croc Hunter-- he knew perfectly well what he was doing and how to keep Lindy safe.   

We`ve become overly sensative and sanitized as a society.

I remember when I was a kid, it was standard operating procedure for children to not only ride in cars without seatbelts or child seats, but to stand up on the seats and even roam around in a moving vehicle. There was no child proofing of houses. It is totally normal and natural for kids to fall and bump their heads, as part of the growing up experience. We played in the rain and the mud, as well as handled wild animals-- dead or alive. We put all kinds of things in our mouth off the floor all the time. We didn`t have plastic covers on electrical outlets. We ran into corners of tables and tumbled down stairs. We climbed trees and wandered off unattended.

And yet, here I am... alive and well. Amazingly, whole generations were not wiped out. We became stronger for it, because we became acclimated to these potential hazards. An immune system "learns", becoming more effective and adaptive as it deals with germs and illness. So, too, the human body and mind through experiences. These newer batches of kids are made too fragile and frail by our interfering, paranoid coddling and pampering. We are making our children and ourselves so weak and pathetic that carrying a small bag or box has become such an effort that we need to put it on wheels, and taking a few flights of stairs instead of an elevator is too strenuous. What happened to the rugged individualism which built America?