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Published:August 10th, 2008 17:20 EST
Is The Montauk Monster Destined For Hollywood Stardom?

Is The Montauk Monster Destined For Hollywood Stardom?

By Robert Paul Reyes


The Montauk Monster isn`t exactly a pretty boy-- the beast is not a prime candidate for Hollywood stardom. But if someone with rough-hewn looks like Charles Bronson could make it in Hollywood, with a little Botox and makeup the Montauk Monster could also become a movie star.

This is not just wishful thinking on my part, there`s a chance that a movie starring the Montauk Monster may soon come to a cinemaplex near you.

"The saga of the so-called Montauk Monster appears to have taken another bizarre turn, this time toward Hollywood, with the Web site of a movie production crew claiming to have the `kidnapped` carcass.

The Web site reported Thursday that the crew of `Splinterheads,` a movie about carnival life being filmed in Patchogue, N.Y. - not far from where the `monster` reportedly was found - posted the claim and a photo of the carcass on its Web site,"

Quotation from FoxNews.Com

A movie starring the Montauk Monster won`t necessarily be a horror flick, the beast has charisma that lends itself to a romantic comedy or a chick flick.

Moviegoers love to root for the underdog, and after having been found a bloated, stinking corpse on a beach the Montauk Monster qualifies as an underdog. The beast could star in a motion picture playing an "Average Joe" who fights the system.

In a matter of a few days the Montauk Monster became a Web sensation, I`m convinced he can conquer Hollywood as well.

This is the summer of Montauk Monster mania, we need books, movies and video games based on the lovable monster.

Come on Hollywood, give the people what they want!