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Published:August 15th, 2008 16:19 EST
Bigfoot Competing With Montauk Monster For Headlines

Bigfoot Competing With Montauk Monster For Headlines

By Robert Paul Reyes

The human genome has been fully mapped, and the scientists at CERN may be close to discovering the "god particle" that explains how sub-atomic particles acquire mass. There are no more mysteries, we know that the moon is not made out of green cheese and we don`t worship the Sun.

But human beings crave mysteries, and that`s why we love to read stories about the Montauk Monster, Bigfoot and extraterrestrials. Scientist may provide us with indisputable proof that the Montauk Monster is a raccoon, but it`s more fun to cling the notion that it`s a monster.

And now there are reports that two Georgians claim to have the body of a Bigfoot.

"In the hairy and hoax-filled history of Bigfoot, those who believe in the mythical beast have offered up all manner of evidence, from grainy photos to hoarse recordings to tracks of those aforementioned feet.

But on Friday at a hotel in Palo Alto, Calif., a pair of Bigfoot hunters say they will present what they contend is the most definitive proof yet of an animal that science says does not exist: DNA evidence and photographs of a dead specimen they say they found in a remote swath of woods in northern Georgia."

The New York Times/Jessie McKinley

Please take note this quotation is from the venerated New York Times, and not from the National Enquirer.

Normally I would dismiss any story that is titled "Two Georgians Say..." as the ravings of drunk rednecks. But I don`t dismiss this story out-of-hand because deep inside I want to believe that Bigfoot really roams forests and wooded areas.

Unless their "proof" turns out to be a huge inflatable Bigfoot, I will keep an open mind.

This would be a very boring world without Bigfoot roaming our national parks, and the Montauk Monster haunting our beaches.