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Published:August 15th, 2008 21:41 EST
Woman Kicked Out of Mall For Wearing Revealing Dress

Woman Kicked Out of Mall For Wearing Revealing Dress

By Robert Paul Reyes

An extraterrestrial who visits a mall will come to the conclusion that males are glum creatures compared to the ebullient female of the species.

The establishments guys frequent (pawn shops, gun shops, sporting goods stores) are usually stand-alone buildings. We only go to a shopping center when we are dragged there by our girlfriends or spouses.

The only time you will see a dude at a mall smile, is when he is sitting on a bench waiting for his girlfriend, and a hottie sashays by.

I was outraged when I read an article about a Barney Fife wannabe mall cop who asked a young lady to leave a mall for wearing a revealing dress. What an idiot, scantily-clad young ladies are the only good thing about going to the freakin` mall.

"Kymberly Clem, a college student, was asked to leave the Richmond Mall in Kentucky for wearing a revealing dress. According to Kymberly Clem, she had been in the mall for about ten minutes when a security guard approached her. He gave her a 360 and asked her to leave because the dress was too revealing. The security guard said that the dress was too provocative and that people husbands were staring at her.

It is ironic because Kymberly Clem had purchased that dress at the very mall that kicked her out. Kymberly Clem is a student at Eastern Kentucky University majoring in criminal justice."

Quotation from Associated Content/Molly Lang

Kymberly is pursuing legal action against the mall, and I hope she hits the jackpot. It`s babes like Kymberly who help me endure the interminable wait as my better half tries on a dozen outfits.

I have seen pics online of Kymberly wearing the "objectionable" dress, and I wish I could hug the saleslady who sold her that hot dress.

Although the dress is hot it isn`t skanky, at a typical mall you will see many young ladies wearing much more revealing clothes.

This is America, not Iran, and women have the right to wear whatever they want.

Kymberly: Good luck with your lawsuit, and you work it girlfriend!