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Published:August 16th, 2008 16:21 EST
Drinking Alcohol Makes Those Around You Look Hot

Drinking Alcohol Makes Those Around You Look Hot

By Robert Paul Reyes

I`ve always wondered why women who frequent bars and nightclubs are more attractive than the ones who attend church. Now I know: It`s the beer, stupid!

"A test on drunk university students has scientifically proven what was common pub knowledge - that drinking improves the appearance of those around you.

A team from the University of Bristol in England conducted a controlled experiment on 84 young heterosexuals, getting half of them tipsy on a drink and asking all of them to rate the attractiveness of people in photographs.

Both drunk men and drunk women rated the faces as being more attractive than did those who were sober, according to New Scientist magazine."

Quotation from:,23599,24178923-2,00.html

A guy can enter a bar of sober mind and think to himself: Wow, there sure are some ugly broads in here. But after a few rounds he will imagine that he stumbled into the Playboy Mansion by mistake.

Of course, if a dude gets plastered or horny he will proposition anything wearing a skirt. But the ladies are much more discriminating, that`s why I`m glad to hear that alcohol has the same effect on them.

We should drink in moderation, or else we may go to bed with a lady who looks like Jessica Alba, and wake up in the morning with a woman who looks like Rosie O`Donnell.

I rarely have more than one or two drinks, so my mental capacity isn`t compromised. But now I know that the next time I go to my local pub, I should sit next to the sloppiest drunk woman I can find.