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Published:August 31st, 2008 16:37 EST
Crucified Frog Creates Controversy

Crucified Frog Creates Controversy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Italian museum Thursday defied Pope Benedict and refused to remove a modern art sculpture portraying a crucified green frog holding a beer mug and an egg that the Vatican had condemned as blasphemous.

The board of the Museion museum in the northern city of Bolzano decided by a majority vote that the frog was a work of art and would stay in place for the remainder of an exhibition."

Reuters/Philip Pullella

I applaud the Museion museum for refusing to surrender to pressure from the Vatican. The pope has a right to declare what`s kosher for his parishioners, but the world of art falls outside of his jurisdiction.

A green frog nailed to a brown cross may be silly, blasphemous and in bad taste, but it`s art. And only the museum officials have the authority to decide what works of art will be displayed in their domain.

I`ve seen an image of the frog and I think it should be sold in a novelty store and not displayed in a famous museum, but I`m not the head honcho of the Museion museum and neither is the pope.

The pontiff is within his rights to declare the little frog blasphemous, but he is overstepping his bounds by demanding that the museum remove it from display.