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Published:September 6th, 2008 12:04 EST
Luxury Car Engines Arouse The Ladies

Luxury Car Engines Arouse The Ladies

By Robert Paul Reyes

Many men naively imagine that whispering "sweet nothings" in a lady`s ear will melt her heart. But a new study indicates that it`s the revving of a luxury car`s engine that turns women on.

"A British psychologist said his study indicates the revving of a luxury car`s engine tends to have a sexually arousing effect in women.

He said his team took saliva samples from the study participants to measure levels of testosterone, a hormone that indicates sexual arousal, before and after they listened to recordings of the cars.

Moxon said a full 100 percent of the women involved in the study had a significant increase in testosterone levels after listening to the Maserati engine, while only half of the men marked an increase."


Any guy, regardless of income, can whisper sweet nothings into a woman`s ear. But if a gal hears her new date zoom into her driveway in a luxury car, she knows he is financially successful.

If a financially-challenged fellow is going to pick up his blind date, he`d better leave his Pinto at home and rent a Hummer if he is going to have any chance at romantic success.

Sexual attraction isn`t primarily about physical attraction, a fat wallet and a luxury car may be more sexually stimulating to a woman than a full head of hear and dreamy blue eyes. A chap may be better off investing in a sports car than saving money to get a hair transplant.

Some optimists may argue that not all women are turned on by luxury cars and other material possessions that spell financial success. Dudes let`s not be Pollyannaish, keep in mind that 100 PERCENT of the fair sex was turned on by the sound of the Maserati engine.

Moral of this essay: If you want to get lucky with your new girlfriend, save your romantic spiel and have her listen to your sports car rev up.