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Published:September 12th, 2008 21:33 EST
Mom Bashes Burglar With Musical Instrument

Mom Bashes Burglar With Musical Instrument

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman who lives near the Smoky Mountains used a musical instrument to scare away two men who broke into her home. The Knoxville News Sentinel quoted a Sevier County Sheriff`s Office report that stated the victim awoke to find two men in her home in Seymour on Saturday morning. Her child was asleep in the home."

Associated Press

I commend the woman for her bravery in defending herself, her home and her child. But a musical instrument, even a tuba isn`t very intimidating, she`s lucky the punks fled after she bashed one of them with her (unnamed) musical instrument.

A responsible homeowner won`t rely on a musical instrument or even a bat for protection, he will have a gun by his bedside.

If I brandish a flute when a burglar breaks into my house, he won`t be intimidated into dancing to my tune. But if I wield my shotgun, loaded with buckshot, he will dance to my tune or I will blow him away to Kingdom Come.

In rural communities where deputies patrol hundreds of miles, it`s incumbent upon a homeowner to protect himself, his property and his family. A wise man will have a firearm to protect himself, and not rely on a deputy who may not arrive for a long time.

I`m glad this woman was musically-inclined, but I hope she`ll become defense-minded and buy a shotgun.