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Published:September 15th, 2008 22:37 EST
Woman Calls 911 Because Her Rabbit's Ears Don't Flop

Woman Calls 911 Because Her Rabbit's Ears Don't Flop

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Your rabbit`s ears aren`t floppy? Sorry, that`s not an emergency. So said police in Scotland when a woman rang the emergency 999 number to discuss her concerns about her new pet. She said the newspaper ad promised floppy ears, but flop they would not."

Associated Press

I expect my cats to be fluffy, my dogs to drool, and if I had a rabbit I would be disappointed if it didn`t have floppy ears.

But if my bunny`s ears failed to flop it wouldn`t precipitate an existential crisis; I wouldn`t call 911 and I wouldn`t contemplate suicide.

If my hare didn`t have floppy ears, I would cook it for diner to see if it really does taste like chicken. Just kidding, I would simply accept my bunny as it is.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where sometimes the Internet runs slow, our car burns too much oil, and weeds take over our garden. I hate to be trite, but into each life a little rain must fall. In other words: Don`t sweat the small stuff!

We can all chuckle over this foolish woman who calls the police emergency number to report that her bunny`s ears don`t flop. But there are many folks who bring inconsequential and trivial complaints to God: Lord, please grant victory to my son`s baseball team. If there`s a god in heaven, I`m sure he feels like that 911 operator who fielded that call from that foolish woman.