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Published:September 17th, 2008 19:29 EST
Ancient Pyramids Found Off the Coast of Okinawa? (Watch Video)

Ancient Pyramids Found Off the Coast of Okinawa? (Watch Video)

By Robert Paul Reyes

I get most of my ideas for my essays by traveling down the Information Highway, and making all the requisite stops at CNN. Com, NYTimes.Com, DrudgeReport.Com and Google News.

But sometimes I veer of the main highway and check out some of the digital side roads and alleys. I never know what odd article I might find that will strike a chord with my readers.

When I write a political editorial I make sure that my arguments are buttressed by cold hard facts. But when I tackle an offbeat or controversial subject my intention is to entertain, and not necessarily to educate.

"In this video scientists explore underwater structures found off the coast of Okinawa. These Structures are under 40-100 ft of water. Scientists say the last time these structures would have been above water was 10,000 years ago during the ice age twice as old as the great pyramids of Egypt. During this period history tells us that the humans that lived at this time were hunters and gathers who did not have the kind of technology needed to build such structures. After months of study the lead scientist believed that these structures were 100% not made by nature and could only be made from an intelligent people with great technology."

Boys and girls please keep in mind that I culled this item from a Web site named "weird and interesting."

Did aliens build pyramids off the coast of Okinawa ten thousands years ago? Like most Americans I believe that we are not alone in the universe, and I wouldn`t automatically rule out this startling possibility.

If there are any aliens checking out my lonely outpost in cyberspace, please help us rebuild the cities and homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Ike.

Could it possible be true that Godzilla isn`t the only weirdness lurking off the coast of Japan? Watch the video and make up your own minds: