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Published:September 17th, 2008 14:14 EST
Mad Mattel Sues Cindy McCain  (Really?)

Mad Mattel Sues Cindy McCain (Really?)

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Having buried Bratz,* Mattel, the terror toy company, intends to block Barbie® from a lucrative gig with the McCain campaign serving as body-double for Mrs. McCain.

Cindy and Barbie


Barbie® tells the SOP that Mrs. McCain heard of her troubles with the litigious toy maker and offered her the position.  The wife of the Republican presidential nominee reportedly said, "I`ve always wanted to work with you and I`m so pleased you are free at this most critical time in our nation."


Barbie® told the SOP today that the offer from Mrs. McCain is the first she`s received since having escaped her Mattel handlers.  "But, the second Mattel heard about it," she said, "they ran their butts to the courthouse and filed papers to stop me. They refuse to let me live outside of the box.  They are horrible people.  Horrible!"


Mrs. McCain was not available for comment; however, the SOP has verified that Barbie® was offered the position.  A campaign spokesperson, who wishes to remain unknown, told the SOP, "We are beginning to believe that Mattel does not have Barbie`s® best interest at heart."


* Mattel awarded $100 million in Bratz Lawsuit "



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