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Published:September 23rd, 2008 16:46 EST
Portland Construction Workers Complain About Woman Skating In The Nude

Portland Construction Workers Complain About Woman Skating In The Nude

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Portland Police took a waterfront Lady Godiva down a notch this week. Barely. They were getting calls about a nude skater whizzing past tourists and rush-hour commuters.

Police told her to tone it down after construction workers complained.

Moss donned a string bikini bottom and skated on."

The Associated Press

Dog bites man not a story. Man bites dog big story. Construction workers whistle and cheer nude skater not a story. Construction workers complain about an attractive nude female skater, big story.

When I`m at the waterfront I see middleaged guys displaying their pot bellies, but nary a hottie in a string bikini in sight. I wish a nude hottie skated by me once in a while.

Some of my readers may be fuming and muttering to themselves that this scandalous floozie should have been arrested. But Portland is not Middle America, according to the AP article in Oregon "nude bike rides draw police only for crowd control and shows featuring live sex acts are protected as free speech."

It`s interesting how people will have different reactions to a an article. I read the AP story and I`m amazed that construction workers complain about a nude woman skater, and other read the same article and are astonished that in Oregon nude bike rides are very popular.