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Published:October 3rd, 2008 09:40 EST
Choir That Sings About Everyday Gripes A Big HIt

Choir That Sings About Everyday Gripes A Big HIt

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A German choir that has strung together a list of everyday gripes about everything from lousy weather and bad services to poor leaders and unfaithful husbands has become a musical hit in a country that loves to complain.

The Cologne-based group of 140 amateur musicians travels the city, happily singing their tale of woes to unsuspecting rail commuters and passers-by as well as filling the prestigious 1,500-seat Cologne Philharmonie for a special performance."

Associated Press

"Up with People" a group that sang motivational songs was very popular in the 1960s, but this ain`t a summer of love. Our economy is on the brink of disaster, gas is sky high, and we are living in an age when CERN`s LHC may unleash a black hole that will gobble up the earth.

I`m not in a mood for any happy-happy songs, I want to listen to some death metal or a choir singing tales of woe. I need to be reassured that I`m not the only one suffering economically, psychologically and any other way possible.

I hope this choir tours America; I don`t care that I don`t understand German, just seeing their sad faces will be very good tonic for my troubled soul.

If I hear a sappy song like Debby Boone`s "You Light Up My Life" in the elevator I may kill myself, but if I listen to a choir moaning and complaining about this and that I might just make it another day