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Published:October 8th, 2008 16:41 EST
Half of US Workers Don't Respect Their Boss

Half of US Workers Don't Respect Their Boss

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Almost half of U.S. workers do not respect their boss and only half believe they are competent, according to an online survey released on Friday.

The study by Randstad USA, a unit of the world`s number two staffing company Randstad NV, found that the growing financial crisis has seen companies focusing more on their bottom line at the expense of relations with employees."


My reaction: Duh! What`s next, a poll that indicates that people don`t like paying their taxes?

It`s not just cream that rises to the top, and most of us are stuck with a boss who is only marginally competent. A university degree does not confer intelligence or wisdom, and too many managers have a sheepskin document but no interpersonal skills.

Why do respected institutions waste time and money taking meaningless polls? Why doesn`t a research company investigate how we can get rid of ineffectual supervisors?