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Published:October 12th, 2008 18:27 EST
Tracking Elephant with Text Messages To Ranger

Tracking Elephant with Text Messages To Ranger

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The text message from the elephant flashed across Richard Lesowapir`s screen: Kimani was heading for neighboring farms.

The huge bull elephant had a long history of raiding villagers` crops during the harvest, sometimes wiping out six months of income at a time. But this time a mobile phone card inserted in his collar sent rangers a text message. Lesowapir, an armed guard and a driver arrived in a jeep bristling with spotlights to frighten Kimani back into the Ol Pejeta conservancy."

Associated Press

Kids use their cell phones to send inane messages to each other, it`s good to see a high-tech gadget used for a productive purpose. Elephants are a threatened species, and all steps must be taken to protect them.

John McCain doesn`t know how to get online or send a text message, maybe Kimani can give him a few pointers.

Perhaps a mobile phone card can be inserted in McCain`s collar, and every time he makes a baseless accusation against Barack Obama his phone can beep or a Britney Spears ringtone can play until he gets back on track and talks about the issues.

The experiment with Kimani has been a success, I hope this program is implemented throughout Africa to save elephants. Elephants and humans both have a right to live, but havoc ensues when they share the same patch of land.