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Published:October 29th, 2008 20:54 EST
Worried About an Idiot in White House? Stop Pelosi from Being Relected!

Worried About an Idiot in White House? Stop Pelosi from Being Relected!

By John Lillpop

Compared to Nancy Pelosi, Governor Palin a "Roads" Scholar!

Liberals and their humble servants in the mainstream media have waged all out war against Governor Palin by arguing that the governor does not possess the requisite intellect to be president should disaster befall her 72-year old boss, John McCain.

Mind you, the angst on the left is not (they say) driven by the governor`s conservative politics and or her Republican heritage. Rather it is a simple matter of wanting what is best for America, and questioning whether or not Sarah Palin has sufficient gray matter to take over the Oval Office should worse come to worse.

As with most liberal arguments, this one is a hypocritical hoot, a real belly gusher in fact!

Think about. Nancy Pelosi, a liberal Democrat, is third in line for succession to the presidency!

Has there ever been a more frightening prospect in U.S. history? Nancy Pelosi in the White House! She is the only living politician who would confuse "Roads" with Rhodes.

We are talking about the diminished capacity Pelosi who claims to be unaware of the fact that abortion is a no-no in the Catholic Church.

At sixty-six years of age and after a lifetime of being an active Catholic all of her life, this air head contends that the doctors of the Church have not yet decided whether or not killing an innocent fetus is a sin?

That would also be the same Pelosi who favored a House resolution, the Armenian Genocide bill, that would have condemned Turkey for acts that took place 90 years ago, from 1915 to 1917.

Pelosi`s mindless meddling in the Middle East threatened U.S. access to a military base in Turkey that was a crucial staging ground for supplies headed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

That would also be the same Pelosi who actually said the following, in part, recently:

"If the Democrats win, and have substantial majorities, Congress of the United States will be more bipartisan," said Pelosi

That "logic" makes about as much sense as telling a smoker to light up more often, and inhale more deeply, to ward off lung cancer and heart disease.

Or as intelligent as telling a morbidly obese person to triple his or her fat intake while eliminating all physical exercise in order to get rid of that protruding mid section and multiple chins.

Of course, Governor Palin has never done or said anything even remotely as stupid as Nancy Pelosi!

To all those liberals who are worried about the White House falling into the hands of a complete moron: Vote against Nancy Pelosi!