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Published:October 31st, 2008 12:26 EST

John McCain Is Winning The Cat Litter Box Vote

By Robert Paul Reyes

All of the major polls, without exception, show John McCain anywhere from 4 to 18 points behind Barack Obama. Most of the pundits have written off McCain, but he shouldn`t give up hope, there is one poll that shows him with a slight lead.

"To put it in a tasteful way, a vote in Ohio is determining which White House hopeful is the pick of the litter. The ballot boxes are cat litter boxes in the 2008 `Kitty Caucus` being conducted by the Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus and local radio station WBNS-FM, known as Mix 97.1.

The presidential preferences of the animal shelter`s feline residents are being determined by their `votes` dropped into a red box for Republican John McCain and a blue one for Democrat Barack Obama."

The Associated Press

McCain is leading by a single turd, I mean a single vote.

I feel sorry for the employee who has to count the votes, politics is a dirty game and you have to put up with a lot of crap. As much sympathy as I have for the person who counts the votes, if McCain wins I will demand a recount.

How do we know that a Republican employee of the Humane Society hasn`t trained all the fat cats to patronize the red litter box? The Republicans are renowned for their dirty tricks, and I wouldn`t be surprised if they resorted to trickery.

If cats care enough to participate in the election, there`s no excuse for any American not to vote.