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Published:November 3rd, 2008 14:46 EST
Craigslist Includes "Sex for Tickets" to Obama Fete

Craigslist Includes "Sex for Tickets" to Obama Fete

By John Lillpop

By John W. Lillpop

As if the Obama camp were not already the most perverted, anti-American campaign in U.S. history, now fans of this non-citizen communist are offering to trade sexual favors for tickets to the big rally in Chicago next Tuesday.

Some steamy examples provided by Steve Rhodes at the link below** include:

"What would you give it up to be at the Obama rally in Chicago`s Grant Park? Here`s the best of the Craigslist ads seeking tickets to the Tuesday rally, as determined by Division Street Labs:

1. I can be your date to the Obama rally - $1 (Chicago)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-10-29, 6:38PM CDT
I would love to go to the Obama rally!! Have an extra ticket or just need someone to go with you? I would love to go! let me know ".maybe it could turn into more than one night with me you and Obama. haha. who knows right??

2. Victoria Secret Gift Card for Obama guest ticket - $75 (Chicago)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-10-30, 6:02PM CDT
If anyone wants a victoria secret gift card for their Guest Ticket, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!

3. OBAMA RALLY TICKETS FOR SALE!!!!! $10 Trillion Dollars! - $10 (Uptown)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-10-30, 5:32PM CDT
Hi, I can`t go to the rally so I am selling my ticket for 10 trillion dollars. Meet me at the Wilson Red Line. The money will be given to cover the United States public debt bill. Thank you."

An on and on it goes!

Lover # 3 selling his/her ticket for $10 trillion to cover the public debt is a hoot!

Sorry Dude or Dudess, but if Obama is elected you will need another 100T or so to pay for all his crazy commie ideas!