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Published:November 13th, 2008 21:45 EST
Dude Conks Girlfriend Because She Served Him Macaroni

Dude Conks Girlfriend Because She Served Him Macaroni

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An unemployed man faces a domestic assault charge after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend last Saturday for making him macaroni for dinner. Investigator Dale Matuszczak said the woman called for help after locking herself in a bathroom.

Matuszczak said she apparently had been hit with a cooking pot, suffering a cut on her nose and bruise on her face."

The Associated Press

This dude has a lot of nerve, If I were unemployed I would be grateful if my Honeybuns boiled me some Top Ramen. An unemployed man should expect to eat like a pauper and not a king.

Macaroni is delicious, especially if covered in cheese. Heck anything smothered in cheese is yummy; I wouldn`t turn down a dish of sawdust smothered in cheese.

This guy should spend a few months in jail where the staple is bologna sandwiches smeared with mustard. I`ve never been to jail, I`m relying on anecdotal tales from some of my less reputable friends.

I hope this unnamed woman kicks this unnamed loser to the curb.