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Published:November 24th, 2008 10:23 EST

Nude Pics In Cell Phone Lost At McDonald's Get Posted Online

By Robert Paul Reyes

"What does a promise to secure a phone for its owner mean? The American public may find out when Philip and Tina Sherman`s lawsuit goes before a jury. Philip Sherman received such a promise from a McDonald`s fast food restaurant employee after Sherman accidentally left his cell phone behind while eating at a McDonald`s in Arkansas this summer. While McDonald`s employees did return the phone, they first posted online the nude photos it contained of his wife, Tina Sherman, Associated Press reported. The online posting of the Tina Sherman nude photos also contained her name, address and telephone number, according to BBC."

Associated Content/Carol Bengle Gilbert

A smart man who loves his wife will have a framed photograph of her at work. An idiot will have nude pics of his spouse on his cell phone. Didn`t this joker ever think: I should delete these pics. If I ever lose this phone I will be putting my wife in danger.

When Sherman realized he had left his cell phone at McDonald`s, he should have immediately gone back to retrieve it. He was an imbecile to trust the clueless teens who work at McDonald`s with a phone that contained personal information and nude pics of his beloved. That`s like letting your 17-year-old son borrow your brand new Mustang (so he can go to church that`s only a few blocks away) and not expect him to zoom right by the church and burn rubber down the highway.

McDonald`s should give Sherman a free Big Mac, but he isn`t entitled to one red dime. I hope he has learned his lesson, and from now on will only take pics of the family dog with his cell phone.