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Published:November 25th, 2008 10:52 EST

Carjacker Gets Clobbered With Frozen Turkey

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Stopped. Cold turkey. North Carolina authorities say a shopper clubbed an alleged carjacker with a frozen turkey as he tried to steal a woman`s car in a grocery store parking lot Sunday."

The Associated Press

A frozen turkey is a formidable weapon, and according to the AP article the carjacker suffered serious head injuries.

The hapless criminal, Fred Louis Ervin, can`t cry foul he got his just desserts. Will maybe not dessert, but he certainly got a turkey upside his noggin.

This turkey will spend Thanksgiving in jail, where his fellow prisoners will give him the business for letting himself get clobbered by a frozen turkey.

The shopper who clubbed Ervin with the turkey is a hero, he could of stood by or just flipped Ervin the bird but instead he came to the woman`s rescue.

I hope the grocery store provides him with a free turkey; I`m sure he doesn`t want to cook the turkey that he used to bash Ervin.

A Happy Thanksgiving to all, except to the carjacker who will probably end up eating a Bologna sandwich for Thanksgiving.