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Published:November 26th, 2008 22:50 EST
Martians Congratulate Obama!

Martians Congratulate Obama!

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Elections on earth are always of interest for Martians, as there is no such thing as elections on Mars. Each industry and individual knows their duties and life on Mars continues in perfect harmony without any political interference and turmoil. 


Being so close to earth, Martians are interested in every aspect of life on earth and are ready to give a helping hand when necessary. By the same token, Martians don`t want any hostile interferences by the earthlings, on the life, in Mars. The new President of the U.S.A. is asked therefore to obey this rule and not to confuse Mars with Iraq or Afghanistan. We have no oil anyway, nor any strategic location in the universe. Our lives and technology run on matter which is known to all and is plentiful on earth: ICE.


We don`t understand why earth civilization has not yet understood the significance and the potentials of ICE and blunds itself for the increasing melting of ICE on the polar zones of earth. We expect the new President Obama pays attention to this endangering process and makes the necessary climatic interventions, as our forefathers did some million years ago. 


Another wish we have from the new President Obama, is to take care of the children on earth, for if you don`t take care of them, nobody can take care of the grown-ups on earth- not even we Martians!


Then the automotive industry must be re-shaped. Instead of having three cars for one, you must have three earthlings per car, to ensure family simulation and energy optimization.


Textile and food industries must also be aligned, as half of the earth`s population is hungry and naked, while the other half is fat and over clothed. Equality is essential for peace.


Money seems to be of no problem on earth. Your printers seem to work perfectly well, but in despite of this, your banks seem to have problem because of your plastic credit cards system. We don`t understand why you have to have both paper banknotes and plastic money! Why can`t you all have plastic banknotes like Australia has? We guess things take longer time on earth...


We send our congratulations to the new President Obama and hope he brings the expected revolution to the U.S.A. and to the world, as its leader.


After all, as your galactic author Askin Ozcan says in his book, "WISDOM IN SMILE", "IF YOU MUST, YOU CAN!"


 We take this opportunity to wish our earth representative Judyth Piazza all the best and request that she provides us with continuing information on the progress on earth - whether rain or shine ! as you earthlings say. Hee hee hee!



(¤^¨**-"%/¨^`* = the sun is our inspiration)