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Published:November 30th, 2008 11:11 EST
AgBot: The Robot That Tends Your Lawn And Guards Your House

AgBot: The Robot That Tends Your Lawn And Guards Your House

By Robert Paul Reyes

I don`t have a green thumb: My grass is perennially yellow and my plants rarely bloom. I don`t have the patience to tenderly care for my lawn and garden, and I don`t like getting my hands dirty with fertilizer.

I can hire a gardener, or I can give up and let my lawn and garden be the laughingstock of my neighborhood.

But now there`s hope for lazy folks like me, introducing AgBot the robot that`s a landscaper and a security guard:

"AgBot has the impressive ability to both fertilize soil and plant seeds. It even has a built-in GPS to map out the land and mark structures to ensure it doesn`t bump into them.

The robot has an impressive built-in security system, too-it has a night-vision camera on top of a 360 degree swivel, a high-frequency alarm system, and an advanced motion detector. If AgBot senses motion, it will take a picture of the intruder and e-mail you a photo."

I can`t wait until AgBot finally goes on sale, I`d love to find out who is stealing my newspaper from my front porch. And some guys may find out if the mailman has been making special deliveries for their spouse.

You don`t have to be a gazillionaire to afford AgBot, the prototype was built for only $2,000. AgBots will be hard at work in trailer parks and gated communities.

Officer, I did not plant those marijuana plants. The culprit is my AgBot robot, he`s over there underneath the tree listening to Cypress Hill.

Very soon robots will be as ubiquitous as computers, there will be robots tending your lawns, feeding your pets, massaging your wife, spanking your children and taking out the trash. AgBot may be a novelty when it goes on sale at your local Wal-Mart, but soon there will be stores that sell hundreds of different types of robots.