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Published:November 30th, 2008 11:35 EST
Get Ready To Own A Robot For Only $299

Get Ready To Own A Robot For Only $299

By Robert Paul Reyes

Do you suspect your significant other of cheating on you? Did your dog poop on your Persian rug again? Get rid of your unfaithful lover, ditch your incontinent dog and get a robot.

But you respond, "A robot will be even more expensive than my high-maintenance girlfriend, I just can`t afford a robot."

Yes you can! There`s a cool robot on the market for only $299, that`s less than the high end cell phones.

"WowWee`s new Rovio robot is more fun than anything else you can legally buy for $299.

For all the cool tech things I`ve been lucky enough to play with over the years, I can`t recall a gadget as thrilling as this remote-controlled, Wi-Fi-connected, webcam-enabled, three-wheeled robot.

There are two levels of awesome to Rovio: 1) driving the robot via your local network in your home through your computer and 2) then leaving Rovio at home, going to work, and accessing the `bot over the Web through your browser and driving him remotely."

Dallas News/Victor Godinez

Just think about it, you can get your robot to do a whole bunch of neat stuff. Hell, I can`t get my dog to fetch a ball, and I can`t convince my dearly beloved to see the newest action movie.

This ain`t your pop`s Rock `Em Sock `Em Robot, you can control this mechanical marvel remotely from anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, you have to be a bonafide geek to setup the software. I`m such a non-geek that if I setup the software, the robot would misinterpret my command to bring me my coffee cup and take a tinkle in it instead. But we all know a computer geek who will gladly install the software for a couple of porn DVD`s.

I just heard my dogs whimper; I think they sense that I`m about to trade them in for an awesome Rovio Robot.