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Published:December 7th, 2008 09:47 EST

Satan`s Playground

By Darren LaMontagne

I saw a disturbing clip on the news today, where Santa was reading some of the countless letters he is receiving from kids these days. To my surprise, many of the children were not even asking for presents, but rather for new jobs for their mothers and fathers. Some of the children already accepted the fact that there would be no gifts this year due to the loss of mom or dad`s job. Santa explained to the fortunate reporter (who was employed), that he reads some of these types of letters every year around this time, but never before has seen so many in one Christmas season. As he read through the staggering pile of letters from the kids whose parents had just lost their jobs, so close to the holidays " tears began to pool in my eyes.


In these days of economic devastation, it`s so easy to worry about our selves so much, to the point that we may easily forget about the neighbor down the street who may be way worse off than we are. These are the days when we all need to reach out and help one another, even in the most insignificant ways. I`m certainly not saying I have all of the answers (far from it), but it is not that hard to see that people generally care much more for themselves than others, now more than ever. I know it will not happen over night, but let`s hope Obama can eventually turn things around. It`s a real mess out there but never underestimate the power of love and unity.



           Satan`s Playground


It`s a crazy world we live in today,

Human compassion has faded away.

The public mind has gone astray,

It seems like Satan has come to play.


Hungry lives wither and die,

Man-made chemicals burn holes in the sky.

Religious wars at an all-time high,

Our world leaders turn a blind eye.


Divided people; divided land;

Prevent our race to understand,

That racist hatred is out of hand.

Common sense hangs from a strand.


Disease and sickness are out of control.

Global warming is taking its toll.

Suicide bombers are on a roll.

Family values are no longer a goal.


Corrupt politicians worship their oil.

They cheat on their wives; to money they`re loyal

Society feels that soldiers are royal;

Invading and killing on enemy soil.


Hate crimes, terrorists and rumors of war;

Natural disasters like never before,

Religious icons getting caught with a wh*re,

Guns being sold at the corner store.


Powerful drug lords wheel and deal,

Protected and served by cops who steal.

Nuclear threats are all too real,

Dig through the trash to find your next meal.


How did the world get so insane?

When I watch the news I`m plagued with pain.

Is it too late to stop this train?

If we try to change, will it all be in vain?


Let`s put some faith in the human race,

And try to erase this huge disgrace.

It`s time to absorb some of God`s good grace.

It`s time to give Satan a slap in the face.


Open your heart and you will find,

Without one another, we`re completely blind.

Pray for tomorrow and keep this in mind,

Love and respect your fellow mankind.


                                               Darren LaMontagne



I thank you so much for taking the time to hear my opinions. One more quick note, my upcoming book, The Pearly Gates, will hopefully be released sometime in January. If you would like to learn more about the novel check out


The book is just so entertaining I often found my self reading it rather than working on it. It is my first book but certainly will not be my last. I have to say that these are very exciting days for me. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Until then I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and please be safe.