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Published:December 8th, 2008 14:09 EST
Dude Killed At Karaoke Bar For Refusing To Give Up Mic

Dude Killed At Karaoke Bar For Refusing To Give Up Mic

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man has been stabbed to death by customers at a Malaysian karaoke bar for singing too much and refusing to share the mic."


Performing at a karaoke bar is a serious hobby for some folks, they spend hours practicing at home and get all dolled-up before leaving home.

karaoke bar

Imagine going to a bowling alley and being unable to bowl because all the lanes are occupied or going to the movies only to find out that all the screenings of the new blockbuster are sold old, that`s how karaoke fans feel when one crooner is hogging the mic.

But it`s amazing that someone would take the extreme measure of killing a person to get him to give up the mic. It`s even more hard to believe that it wasn`t just one person who couldn`t take it anymore, the guy who wouldn`t give up the spotlight was murdered by several customers.

I do a great rendition of "Feelings" in my shower, but I wouldn`t subject the patrons of a karaoke bar to more than just a couple of minutes of my "singing". I`m sorry but I just don`t feel any sympathy for the hapless and selfish karaoke hog.

The alleged murderers better pray that the judge that hears their case is a karaoke fan, only a karaoke lover would understand their frustration.