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Published:December 13th, 2008 17:36 EST
OMG! Plastic Surgery For Cadavers

OMG! Plastic Surgery For Cadavers

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It was only a matter of time. You can get plastic surgery when you`re a spoilt teen, an image conscious middle ager and a shrivelled old hag. So why not have some when you`re dead?

Undertakers say more and more people are asking to be tucked and smoothed out for their funeral to look good for their friends and family."

I can understand making sure that your underpants are always clean in case of an accident, who wants to end up in a hospital gurney with dirty drawers eliciting smirks from the emergency room staff? Changing your underwear every day is not vanity, it`s good hygiene and common sense.

But to schedule plastic surgery after your death is idiotic, and the epitome of vanity. St. Peter isn`t going to let you pass through the pearly gates because you don`t have crow`s feet under your eyes. Getting plastic surgery for your funeral is as insane as a man waxing his car after he`s suddenly gone blind.

At your funeral your friends and family members aren`t going to be looking at your open casket, and contemplating your appearance. If you remembered them in your will they are going to think you look like an angel, and if you left them out they are going to think you look like the devil himself.

I`m going to be cremated, and I`m not going to ask the funeral director to spray my ashes with a floral scent.