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Published:December 18th, 2008 17:21 EST
Burglar's Home Filled With Christmas Junk

Burglar's Home Filled With Christmas Junk

By Robert Paul Reyes

Like most guys I avoid shopping malls and department stores like the plagues; but I had to buy a tool at Sears the other day and dealing with the Holiday crowds was a very frustrating experience. I hate everything having to do with Christmas: The faux good cheer, the overflowing parking lots, the old ladies decked out in Christmas garb, the ubiquitous Christmas songs, the alcoholic mall Santas...

The opposite of a Scrooge like me, is the twisted individual who takes Christmas to an extreme. You all know the type: He puts up the Christmas lights the day after Halloween; he wears a stupid Santa cap all December long; he`s always humming a Christmas song, and he has all kinds of inflatable Christmas objects on his front lawn.

The following article may be about a common crook, but I think i t`s about one of these individuals who are obsessed with Christmas:

"Westminster police say officers responded to a disturbance call at the house of 48-year-old Vuong Pham, where they found rooms overflowing with wicker reindeer, plastic snowmen and inflatable Santas.

For weeks people in Pham`s Orange County neighborhood had reported a steady disappearance of lights, figures and faux trees from their front yards."

The Associated Press (AP)

According to the AP story it took three trucks to haul away the Christmas loot. Pham may have been planning on selling the X-mas junk at a flea market or on eBay, but I think the fool was just caught up in the Christmas spirit. But it really doesn`t make a difference if Pham is a crook or a fool who spends all his money on Christmas merchandise -- in either case he deserved to be arrested.