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Published:December 27th, 2008 09:10 EST
Milkman Makes His Rounds Delivering Milk And Cannabis

Milkman Makes His Rounds Delivering Milk And Cannabis

By Robert Paul Reyes

"BURNLEY , England A 72-year-old English milkman admitted in court to supplying cannabis resin to elderly customers while he was on duty.

Philip Holden pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis resin, a Class C drug, and supplying the drug between April 1 and July 18, 2008, The Sun reported Monday."


There are several facets about this story that I find fascinating. I`m surprised that a 72-year-old man is still working. Instead of delivering milk he should be enjoying his second childhood drinking milk out of a baby bottle.

I`m shocked that that in some places there are still milkmen, I thought they went out with typewriters and TV`s with rabbit years.

It`s interesting how the UPI article notes that the old codger was supplying cannabis to his customers "while on duty" A policeman or a physician can be said to be "on duty", a freakin` milkman isn`t "on duty", he`s working.

Holden should be honored with the key to the city of Burnley, he is providing an invaluable service by supplying cannabis to his elderly customers. I`m sure that some of his customers don`t even drink the milk he delivers to them, it`s the cannabis that they`re interested in consuming.