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Published:December 31st, 2008 11:10 EST
US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Attacked By Israeli Security Forces

US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Attacked By Israeli Security Forces

By Robert Paul Reyes

Cynthia McKinney has a penchant for courting controversy, sometimes willingly, sometimes unwillingly. McKinney`s most infamous controversy is when she attempted to enter the Longworth House Office Building without wearing a lapel pin identifying her as a member of Congress. She was stopped by Capitol Police officers who failed to recognize her as a member of Congress, and she responded by striking an officer.

The Dignity

McKinney is as wild and unpredictable as her unruly hair, her hot temper has frequently landed her in trouble. Once again McKinney finds herself the center of controversy, as outlined in the following article:

"Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, standing beside a damaged yacht, Tuesday accused the Israeli navy of ramming the vessel to halt the delivery of medical supplies to the embattled Gaza Strip.

`Our mission was a peaceful mission,` McKinney told CNN after she and 15 others aboard the boat made it safely to the harbor in the Lebanese seaport of Tyre.

McKinney, the recent Green Party candidate for U.S. president and frequent center of controversy, is the most prominent political figure to join the relief voyages sponsored by the Free Gaza Movement."


As always McKinney is whooping and hollering that she`s been wronged, but a few points need to be taken in consideration:

*If you place yourself in the middle of a war zone, you shouldn`t be surprised and you shouldn`t complain if you`re injured.

*McKinney is a vehement critic of the state of Israel, and a supporter of the more radical Palestinian organizations. It`s not surprising that she`s placing the blame on Israel for her mishap.

The Free Gaza Movement is an international political organization created in 2008 by a coalition of pro-Palestinian political organizations and activists for the purpose of publicizing the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip after the election of Hamas by sailing two ships from Greece to Gaza.


Why is McKinney injecting herself in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict anyway, unabashedly on the side of Palestinian extremists? It`s my opinion that it`s her hatred of the Jews that motivated her to be onboard that ill-fated yacht.

*For the record the Israeli government claims the incident was an accidental collision when the relief boat got to close to Israeli military vessels.

McKinney needs to learn the basics of cause and effect. If you strike a police officer you will be arrested, and if you place yourself in the middle of a war you run the risk of injury or death.