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Published:January 18th, 2009 11:49 EST
Old Lady Hits Dude On Scooter, Keeps Driving To Sylist To Have Hair Dyed Blue

Old Lady Hits Dude On Scooter, Keeps Driving To Sylist To Have Hair Dyed Blue

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An elderly woman in Palm Beach County crashed with her vehicle into a man on a scooter and then kept driving to make her hair appointment, police said.

Louise Davidson, 77, was arrested Thursday for leaving the scene of an injury crash, Boynton Beach police said.

Police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said the woman was turning right when she veered into the path of the oncoming scooter that had the right of way. The man was thrown by the impact onto the windshield and then fell to the road, she added."

The Associated Press (AP)

The AP article doesn`t indicate what the old lady was driving, but if the stereotype holds true it was probably a tank-like Cadillac or Oldsmobile. It`s a miracle the hapless man wasn`t killed, he should consider himself lucky he only suffered abrasions all over his body.

Elderly drivers are a danger, they`re either impaired by Alzheimer`s or blind as a bat. It should be mandatory for anyone who holds a driver`s license to have his vision and his mind tested at age 65 and every year thereafter. I always give elderly drivers a wide berth, I wish they would be forced to slap a bumper sticker on their cars that reads: Warning Elderly Driver!

I don`t know if Davidson is senile or evil, but she almost killed a man and then went to her stylist to have her hair dyed blue. She shouldn`t be driving anything more intimidating than a HoverRound. But my guess is that Davidson is just plain mean and not mentally impaired, old folks are stubborn and they always demand the right of way.

Davidson should be stripped of her license, have her car taken away, and put under house arrest for the rest of her life.