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Published:January 27th, 2009 23:23 EST
Lady Hit Husband and Chases Him With Vacuum Cleaner

Lady Hit Husband and Chases Him With Vacuum Cleaner

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Leslie Rucki of Sebastian allegedly smacked her husband in the face with a beer bottle Friday after he brought home the wrong children`s medicine. The 37-year-old mother then chased him with a vacuum cleaner while he was trying to clean dripping blood from his cut lip, according to TC Palm.

Police arrived after Rucki`s husband called 911 to report the assault. She was taken to Indian River County Jail where she spent the night and released the next day after posting $5,000 bail."

A lady doesn`t enjoy a special dispensation to brutalize a man, if a woman smacks me I won`t think twice about hitting her back. There should be no stigma attached to a man hitting a female after she strikes the first blow. I have seen too many wimps simply cower when their spouse delivers a barrage of punches and slaps.

If a lady hits me in the face with a beer bottle, she won`t be in a position to chase me with a vacuum cleaner, she`ll be flat on her behind.

I`ve witnessed mischievous owners chasing their cat with a vacuum cleaner, but I have never seen an angry woman chase her man with a vacuum cleaner. But I don`t frequent too many trailer parks.

At least the hapless husband did the right thing by reporting the assault, but he needs to take the next step and divorce his violence-prone wife.

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