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Published:February 9th, 2009 09:54 EST
So, Jennifer Hudson lip-synched the National Anthem

So, Jennifer Hudson lip-synched the National Anthem

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

So, Jennifer Hudson lip-synched the National Anthem.  Shall we declare her a non-combatant enemy of the State?  Of course not.  Considering what young Miss Hudson has suffered, it`s remarkable she could show up for the gig, much less sing.

Lovely and talented Jennifer Hudson


After all, with the flood of lip-synched performances, maybe there`s hope for Milli Vanilli.   Twenty years ago, they were scoundrels.  Next year, they`ll probably receive a Pioneer Grammy.  What a hoot.


Consider the Inaugural of President Obama.  You may recall that Itzhak Perlman, Gabriela Montero, Yo-Yo Ma and Anthony McGill provided a very lively, lip-synched performance.  Weren`t they wonderful? 


Besides, musical instruments aren`t happy in extreme temperatures, any Fiddler of the Year knows that.  We`re not really all that upset, are we?  It`s not like tax evasion, right? So far, lip-synching has not risen to the level of Washington hypocrisy, has it?


Whitney Houston, one of the truly great voices of our time, probably best makes the case for the Age of Lip-synched performances.  Consider her position; then, you decide.


It`s a simple matter, yes?  o)