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Published:February 10th, 2009 18:07 EST
Police Chief Escorts Mayor To Little Boy's Room

Police Chief Escorts Mayor To Little Boy's Room

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Snellville politics have reached a low point. Jerry Oberholtzer, the mayor of the Atlanta suburb, has been asking for police escorts to the restroom in City Hall after a verbal altercation with city council member Robert Jenkins a few months ago. Oberholtzer says he no longer feels comfortable around Jenkins.

Jenkins says the mayor has no reason to worry for his physical safety and should only `fear me as a political opponent.` The mayor has even had police Chief Roy Whitehead escort him to the restroom."

The Associated Press

Politicians are in the public spotlight and they often make the news, but rarely has an elected leader elicited publicity for a more obscure and embarrassing reason.

Even a first grader would be too embarrassed to ask his teacher to escort him to the little boy`s room, because he fears he might encounter a bully prowling the hallway.

If you can`t stand the heat in the kitchen or if you fear that your opponent may be lurking outside the restroom, you should resign from your elected position.

Regardless of what career you choose there will always be colleagues who will strongly disagree with your way of doing things. Verbal confrontations are an inescapable fact in the workplace, and a wise employee will become a master of conflict resolution.

Instead of taking the mayor by the hand and escorting him to the little boy`s room, the Chief should be fighting crime in the community.

For the sake of the reputation of Snellville the mayor and the city council member should have lunch and work out their differences.