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Published:February 23rd, 2009 13:12 EST
Brit Lady With Brain Tumor Spends Fortune To Look Like Demi Moore

Brit Lady With Brain Tumor Spends Fortune To Look Like Demi Moore

By Robert Paul Reyes

When someone has a terminal illness he has a different perspective on life. A dying person realizes that family and friends are more important than material possessions and worldly fame.

A dear friend of mine was always very fastidious about her appearance, but after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer she stopped buying designer clothes and she rarely applied any makeup.

But a woman in the UK with an inoperable brain tumor seems to be more concerned with the temporal than the eternal:

"A woman with an inoperable brain tumour is spending £40,000 on plastic surgery - so she can die looking like movie star Demi Moore.

Lisa Connell, 29, will use the money her mum Angela had saved up for Lisa`s wedding to pay for her new look.

Despite being a stunning brunette, Lisa has never been happy with her appearance and is convinced the surgery will make her look as beautiful as Demi, who is no stranger to cosmetic surgery herself." Kelly Jenkins/Mirror.Co.UK

I don`t want to be too harsh on Connell, maybe her brain tumor is affecting her mind. But why does she want to die looking like a bimbo celebrity?

If I had a terminal illness I wouldn`t spend a small fortune on plastic surgery to look like Brad Pitt. When my friends and family view my remains and pay their last respects, I want them to see the real me and not a frightful caricature of Brad Pitt.

Looking like Demi Moore may make her last few weeks or months on Earth happy, but if she donated the money to a homeless shelter or to cancer research she could touch hundreds of lives.

I hope that Connell has a change of heart, in spite of the cancer ravishing her body she is still a remarkably attractive woman. I`m sure that her loved ones love her just as she is, and that`s the way they want to remember her.