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Published:February 27th, 2009 11:33 EST
Dad Stabs Adult Son In Butt Because He Didn't Remove Hat In Church

Dad Stabs Adult Son In Butt Because He Didn't Remove Hat In Church

By Robert Paul Reyes

Police Blotter

Assault: A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a man charged with stabbing his son Sunday afternoon because the son failed to remove his hat while two attended church services earlier in the day. After the father, 58, and his son, 19, argued in the 700 block of Vine St. about 1 p.m., the father left the scene, went to a car and retrieved a knife. Police said the father then stabbed his son in the left buttock and fled.,0,3673536.story

If you`re interested in sensational crimes check out the front page of the newspaper: If it it bleeds it leads.

But if you want to read about petty crimes that illustrate the hopelessness and meaningless of the human condition, check out the police blotter.

I`m surprised that a man who settled a trivial argument by stabbing his son would even attend church. This wasn`t an impulsive crime, the man had time to calm down when he went to his car to retrieve his knife.

Hasn`t this character learned anything at church about turning the other cheek, and loving your fellow man?

This lunatic represents many religious folks who obey the letter of the law, but are oblivious to the spirit of the law. What is the greater sin stabbing your own son, or failing to remove your hat when you enter a house of worship?

The son needs to find another sanctuary far away from his father`s congregation. There are many churches with a casual dress code who would warmly welcome anyone wearing a hat.