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Published:March 3rd, 2009 20:30 EST
Bus Driver Beats Up McGruff The Crime Dog

Bus Driver Beats Up McGruff The Crime Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A bus driver thought it would be funny to take the bite out of McGruff the crime dog by punching the mascot, but police said children who witnessed the stunt were horrified. Metro bus driver Shawn Brim, 38, climbed off a bus, adjusted his side view mirrors and then punched officer Tyrone Hardy, who was handing fliers to children on a Washington street while dressed as the crime dog, police said. After the punch, Brim got back on the bus and drove away, but was quickly pulled over Saturday." The Associated Press

Some mascots are very annoying and they elicit catcalls and obscenities from those who are forced to witness their antics. But it`s not often that a mascot upsets a seemingly normal person so much that he feels he has no recourse but to beat him up.

I find it interesting that the bus driver climbed off his bus, adjusted his side view mirrors, and then as an afterthought he clocked McGruff the Crime Dog. I have such a visceral hatred of Ronald McDonald that if I saw the shill, I wouldn`t take the time to straighten my tie, I would immediately strangle him.

The poor kids were terrified, but I`m sure they learned an important lesson: Ain`t no cartoon dog gonna save you, in life you gotta fend for yourself.