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Published:March 11th, 2009 14:58 EST
Weed Hid Inside Cans Labeled Spinach

Weed Hid Inside Cans Labeled Spinach

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Police with the New Mexico Motor Transportation Division found 1,200 pounds of pot packed in cans labeled as spinach during a stop at the Gallup port of entry. An inspector noticed that only a few of the cans were labeled and that the weight printed on the side of the can didn`t match the actual weight. A closer look during last Friday`s bust revealed the canned drugs, which were worth an estimated $1.5 million." The Associated Press

Typical stoners: Too lazy to finish labeling the cans. If you go through the trouble of stuffing weed into hundreds of cans, you might as well do the job right and properly label each and every can.

But I do appreciate that the pot was labeled as spinach -- the magic herb is as safe and healthy as spinach if used in moderation. In a perfect world marijuana would be as innocuous as spinach, and even grannies would be smoking dank on their front porches.

If Popeye picked up a can of this faux-spinach before facing Bluto, the two mortal enemies would end getting high together instead of beating the hell out of each other.