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Published:March 15th, 2009 14:10 EST
Bar Patrons Exposed To Light Bulbs From Tanning Machine

Bar Patrons Exposed To Light Bulbs From Tanning Machine

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Workers and customers of a Scottish pub said they suffered sunstroke and other ailments after a manager installed light bulbs from a tanning machine.

Locals said manager Emma McLean at The Pub In The Square in Buckie, Scotland, mistakenly used high-powered ultraviolet tubes when she replaced the blue strip lights behind the bar, The Daily Record reported Friday.

Morgan Smith, a bartender, suffered sever burns to his neck as a result of exposure to the lights, his sister said." UPI.Com

The typical bar fly toasted on alcohol wouldn`t notice if he was toasted by ultraviolet lights -- even if he got as tan as a California surfer. But the next day when he`s sober, he would get quite a shock staring at his golden brown complexion in the mirror. You won`t find many serious drinkers sporting a tan, they sleep during the day and prowl the pubs at night.

I don`t know how litigious folks in Scotland are, but if the same thing happened in a pub in Manhattan everyone who was in that bar, and even people who just walked by the bar, would file a lawsuit in a New York minute.

The manager should buy all the regulars a free round of drinks, get them nice and drunk so that they will forget to file a lawsuit.