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Published:March 18th, 2009 19:40 EST

City Wants To Stop Giving Old Folks Coffee Club Free Donuts

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Senior citizens in a Massachusetts community told a town official to keep his hands off their doughnuts. Francis `Bill` Johnson, chairman of Ashburnham`s advisory board, said at a Council on Aging meeting this week that spending money on doughnuts and pastries for the Senior Center`s morning coffee club encourages unhealthy eating habits in a population that already has health issues." The Associated Press

Senior citizens don`t need a nanny or a babysitter, the town should continue to provide donuts and pastries for the Senior Center`s morning coffee club. What`s a coffle club without donuts, that`s like pizza without beer or a hamburger without fries.

Old age and infirmity limits the number of vices an old person can engage in, dunking a donut in a cup of coffee is one of the few pleasures they can still enjoy.

Once a person is in his late 60`s he should have carte blanche to eat anything he damn well pleases. The food police should stop hassling the members of the morning coffee club.

Donuts, especially after they have been dunked in coffee, is one of the few food products that are soft enough for some of those old birds to eat.

The senior citizens would have health problems even if everyone of them had their own private nutritionist. A donut or two in the morning isn`t going to make a difference.