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Published:March 18th, 2009 11:49 EST

How Many Tranquilizers Will You Be Taking In Your Coffee: One of Two?

By Christopher HIllenbrand

Police in Bryant, Arkansas were alarmed when the local veterinarian made an emergency call to dispatch on Tuesday. When officers arrived at the Reynolds Road Animal Clinic, the caller, Doctor John Duckett, felt that there was something seriously wrong with him after he took his daily morning coffee shortly before calling the police.


An assistant for the doctor`s office, who had prepared his coffee, later confessed to slipping a few tranquilizers into his coffee. Her explanation was that he seemed too tense and "he needed to chill out".


The 24-year-old woman who tended to washing down the animals` cages was taken into custody shortly after admitting her shortsighted ploy to soothe her boss` worries. A judge set the woman`s bond for $25,000 on Friday, which she didn`t post. She`s currently being detained until her next court appearance, which is set for April 21st.