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Published:March 23rd, 2009 12:23 EST

Not Abiding By Bowling Etiquette Can Be Dangerous

By Robert Paul Reyes



"Police said a dispute over bowling etiquette led one man to assault another with a 16-pound ball, knocking out one of the man`s teeth." The Associated Press

Usually disputes over etiquette are settled in a gentlemanly fashion, paying all due respect to proper grammar and making sure that one`s tone doesn`t veer to a sarcastic or angry mode.

But when one is brandishing a 16-pound bowling ball, to hell with the King`s English and nevermind restraint. Nothing ends an argument quite as efficiently and quickly as conking your adversary upside the head with a bowling ball.

The AP article doesn`t mention if alcohol was involved, but bowling and beer almost always go together. Beer and bowling can be a dangerous combination; I hope that in the future the victim will give all bowlers a wide berth.

The hapless victim is lucky he needed the services of a dentist, and not a brain surgeon.