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Published:April 3rd, 2009 11:38 EST
Robber Cries Like Baby When Owner Locked Him In Liquor Store

Robber Cries Like Baby When Owner Locked Him In Liquor Store

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police say a 19-year-old who tried to rob a liquor store sat down and cried after 76-year-old owner locked him in the store. The man was accused of trying to rob Sykes Liquor Store in Trenton Monday night. Police said the owner, who was behind the counter, triggered the lock after the man grabbed a bottle of Hennessy cognac and bolted for the door.

The man then allegedly pulled out a handgun and demanded to be released. But the owner said he saw that the gun was a fake, refused to unlock the door and called police." The Associated Press (AP)

There`s no crying in baseball, and there`s should be no crying in the armed robbery business. The crybaby isn`t identified by the AP article; I bet his friends are crying in laughter.

I`m not a wimpy crybaby, but I`m not as brave as the liquor store owner. If a robber aimed a gun at me, even if I thought it was a fake, I would do whatever he told me to do.

If the robber starts bawling because he`s locked in a liquor store with the 76-year-old owner, he`s going to have a nervous breakdown when he`s locked in a cell with an amorous cellmate.

Hennessy is an excellent brand of cognac, but only an idiot would risk a stint in prison and steal a bottle of the expensive liquor.