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Published:April 7th, 2009 14:18 EST
Alcohol-Fueled Fight at Wake Takes The Deadly Combo to A New Low

Alcohol-Fueled Fight at Wake Takes The Deadly Combo to A New Low

By Christopher HIllenbrand

Sheriff`s deputies in Magnolia, Arkansas had their hands full when they responded to an unusual call to Christies Chapel Church in town on March 29th.

A 52-year-old woman who came in from Texas, arrived at a wake uninvited with a beer can in her hand and a fiery temper. When she was expressly told to depart and leave the mourners to weep over the deceased, she refused and became hostile.

backwoods country cop

Obviously, one man laid out at the wake wasn`t good enough for her as she attacked one of the men in attendance, scratching his right cheek which made him bleed.

The man`s 46-year-old mother followed up the lush`s salvo with one of her own. The mother smacked the woman and mistakenly kicked another lady in the chest, trying her hit her intended target.

When the deputies finally arrived on the scene, one man was dead (well), and two post-menopausal women were raising cain like there was no tomorrow.

The sheriff reported that the woman that provoked the incident was "passively aggressive" with his deputies and remained obstinate with them claiming "no backwoods country cop" was putting her genteel butt in jail.

Both women, solely instrumental in the solemn skirmish, were charged by the Sheriff`s department and face third-degree domestic battery charges.