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Published:April 9th, 2009 10:04 EST

Vegan's Love for Tofu Grows Stale Under The Light of Criticism

By Christopher HIllenbrand

Colorado woman Kelly Coffman-Lee received flack for brazenly flaunting her love for bean curd on her license plate. When all other options were unavailable, Ms. Coffman-Lee mentioned the combination "ILVTOFU" to a worker at the Division of Motor Vehicles office, which alarmed officials.

Apparently, DMV authorities found the ending "FU" obscene: only one of a series of letters that are red-flagged in the office to prevent motorists from being misconstrued by others.

Colorado Department of Revenue representative Mark Couch asserted: "We don`t allow `FU` because some people could red that as street language for sex."

The state has had problems with drivers` perceived jokes in the past, inciting government officials to routinely check for newer phrases that could be related to drugs, sex or profanities.

Coffman-Lee, 38, understood the implication behind why the DMV forbade her to have her way. But the self-proclaimed vegan hasn`t dampened her affinity for her favorite foodstuff. Tofu is a dish regularly served to her family, who are also vegan.