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Published:April 11th, 2009 13:07 EST
Man Asks Internet to Decide Tattoo, Anon Answers

Man Asks Internet to Decide Tattoo, Anon Answers

By R.J. Smith

At 3 AM, while browsing the super secret hideout of Internet thugs everywhere, I happened across a post. Sometimes news happens in the strangest places. This is one of those times.

It seems a certain `marketing genius` going by the name of `Scott` decided he needed some advertising for his business. In true idiot fashion he decided Hey, I know... I`ll let the Internet vote on a tattoo and put it on my back! "

From his website,

"...when this website gets a total of 1 million votes, I will put the most voted on word across my back, shoulder to shoulder, within one week... the reason for me putting my back on the line is getting exposure for my business..."

Enter our good friends from Anonymous:

It started with a single post where a user suggested `rapist`. Half an hour later, the might of Anons everywhere had the word number one on the site, more than double its closest competitor. As of press time, votes were still flooding in. When asked for a quote, the Internet collective was heard to say We`re doin` it for the lulz! "

The `Scott` in question is actually Scott Townsend of Hillcrest NZ, owner of

In these days of viral marketing guys like Scott are a dime a dozen. What sets him out from the crowd is the fact he promised to defile his body for the almighty dollar. Of course, going back on it now is out of the question. The Internet has taken note of his deal with us. He was the one who thought of it, not us. Not following through at this point would severely damage his ability to sell anything anywhere online. Especially now that he has caught the eye of a group whose motto is `Never Forgive, Never Forget`.

The only question now is will this man indeed tattoo the word `Rapist " on his back? Was he serious or will he now back out of his ill-fated venture and leave the Internet forever? Is he that desperate for money? Seeing as how his name has now been spread around certain circles, he may want to rethink any decision he makes not to follow through. Anon has been known to torment those who cross it. Refusing would definitely earn him the label of `lulz killer`.

If he does follow through, however, the story you are reading now will become legend. Remember who gave it to you first. In the meantime, vote rapist.

As this story develops I will contact Scott and get his take on the whole thing and update the readers as to when the magic number of 1 million is finally reached. By the time you read this, it could very well be over.