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Published:April 20th, 2009 13:34 EST
Bar Envelopes Customers In Mist Of Gin And Tonic

Bar Envelopes Customers In Mist Of Gin And Tonic

By Robert Paul Reyes

An individual who has the good fortune to be invited to Snoop Dogg`s home will get a contact high as soon as he enters the front door. I have a friend like Snoop, after a few minutes inside his house I will get the munchies even if I don`t take a hit from one of the bongs.

Now there`s a bar in London where you will get a buzz without drinking any alcohol.

"Adults are often reminded to drink responsibly but customers entering a new cocktail bar where they are literally enveloped in a mist of alcohol are warned to breathe responsibly.

Just 40 minutes inside the venue - which delivers an intoxicating vapour of gin and tonic - will leave you feeling slightly merry.

Punters are also advised to don special protective suits as they enter the walk-in cocktail to avoid going home smelling like a brewery."

This is a marvelous idea for cheapskates, we will no longer have to buy a drink for a lady before we engage her in conversation.

In almost every bar there`s an obnoxious drunk who ruins the ambience, but in the mist-enveloped pub it`s almost impossible to get drunk. Every 40 minutes is equivalent to one drink, there`s not enough hours in a night for a person to get loaded.

The only drawback is that if you don`t don protective gear, you will end up smelling like a brewery. It`s hard to strike a cool pose when you look like a spaceman.

You have to buy a ticket to gain entry into the Alcoholic Architecture bar, and customers must be over 21.