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Published:April 30th, 2009 20:41 EST
76-Year-Old Smuggler Hides Cocaine Inside Oranges

76-Year-Old Smuggler Hides Cocaine Inside Oranges

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The elderly man claimed he needed the oranges in his suitcase to keep up his vitamin C level, but Italian police soon realized the `C` stood for cocaine.

Customs officers in Rome on Thursday arrested a 76-year-old Dutch man who tried to smuggle in more than 13 pounds (six kilograms) of cocaine packed into oranges that had been emptied of their pulp.

The man arrested on international drug trafficking charges at Rome`s Leonardo da Vinci airport had arrived from Buenos Aires, Argentina and said he was on his way back to the Netherlands after a vacation." The Associated Press

The elderly are given a pass when it comes to eccentric behavior, we don`t bat an eye when they say or do something outrageous.

If I were a customs officer at an airport and an old codger told me he needed the oranges to feed his invisible Martian traveling companion, I would wave him through customs.

But this old goat had $6.6 million worth of cocaine in his oranges, we can only guess how many times he was successfully smuggle drugs into the Netherlands.

The 76-year-old dude should be given a five year sentence, most likely a life-sentence in his case.